Where Celerity & Precision
Drive Innovation to Success

Argo Critical Solutions LLC is a firm, providing nationwide and innovative engineering services—with an emphasis on the mission critical industry.

Seeking to revolutionize the mission critical industry and tap into contemporary resources that would propel the industry into more modern times and trends, Hannibal Fleming, PE ATD conceived the idea of building an engineering firm focused on speed, precision, and cutting-edge technology.


Argo Critical Solutions is led by Hannibal Fleming, PE ATD and a team of engineers who are experts in their respective fields.

Our Expertise

Our expertise in Critical Systems Design, Risk Assessment, Sequence of Operations, MEP-IT Testing, O&M Support and Documentation—in conjunction with system and process diagnostics and forensics—allows us to provide clients with an effective and influential commissioning resource.

24/7 Support

Argo understands the need for a 24/7 response time in an industry where uptime is critically important.

Our Services

We provide wide-ranging, engineering services and optimal solutions for our mission critical clients.

Mission Critical Services

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Fire Protection & Plumbing Engineering
  • Controls Engineering
  • Information Technology (IT)

Design & Consulting Services

  • Fault-Tolerant & Concurrently Maintainable Designs
  • Asset Management & Critical Systems Audits
  • Infrastructure & Operational Risk Assessment
  • Facilities Management

Commissioning & Operational
Risk Management

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Owners Project Requirement Review
  • Commissioning Standards & Document Management
  • Pre-Functional & Functional Performance Testing
  • Process Management
  • Retro and Re-Commissioning
  • HVAC Parameter Studies
  • Power Studies

Markets We Serve

Data Centers

Financial Services




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